The motorized self-cleaning refining units Model MAV and Model MU have been accurately studied and designed so as to improve the compound quality during the compound preparation process.

After several years of testing at a leading company in the waterproofing membranes production and related improvements and modifications, today the "Model MAV – Fine Refining unit" is a very trustable machine capable to perform accurately the difficult task of improving the compound quality, thanks to a refining process during the compound preparation final phases.

The "Model MU – Ultra Fine Refining unit" is specially designed to be used together with our Recycling NEERG Plant. Thanks to the geometry of the refining cartridge and to the special scraping system, the Model MU is particularly suitable for the compound preparation process made with the addition of the recycling products coming from our NEERG Plant.

The refining units Model MAV and Model MU are designed to be installed at the delivery side of the compound pump, as close as possible to the using point, that typically is the production line coater.

Today more than ever we take into account energy consumption in our installations. This has led to design highly efficient machines without resorting to the common use of high power installed. With only 3,0 kW motor power installed and a low number of revolutions, which means reduced wear, these advanced machines allow to obtain an extraordinary refining capacity contained within 0,5mm.