Recycling NEERG Plant

Nowadays the possibility of recycling bituminous roofing membranes / shingles from the production, as well as those coming from the old roof repairs, is becoming even more an important issue.

Many years of researches, studies and testing led to always more and more exciting results. Today we are finally able to offer a system capable of recycling and giving the manufacturers the possibility of reusing this material in the manufacturing of new waterproofing membranes / shingles.

The recovery system for the waste of bituminous roofing membranes / shingles is achieved thanks to a special designed multiple lamination process that generates a new product consisting of all components of bituminous roofing membranes / shingles in various measures, from the reinforcement up to the surfacing components. It is important to remark that this is a cold recovery process (Patent pending).

The plant can run up to 500 kg/h capacity (non-stop cycle). Bitumo

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