The Company

The first BOATO plant for the production of tarred paper was sold in 1947, built by the original company founded by G. B. BOATO a few years before.

A fast expansion took place in the next years thanks to the success of the prefabricated roofing products on the market and to the continuous and active research and improvement inside the company.

In the far 60's the project for a brand new plant was developed and soon realised: the "SUPERMAC 2000 POLY" for the production of APP modified bitumen membranes.

The APP as well as the SBS membranes had a rapid growth on the international market and hence the request for this type of plants.

At this point the original company requires larger spaces, so it moves to a new site and changes its trade name into BOATO INTERNATIONAL.

In the 90's BOATO becomes part of a major industrial group of companies with more than 2000 employees.

Accurate investments, careful training of the personnel, a rational internal organisation and a continual technical modernisation make BOATO today a leader in the manufacturing of plants for the production of APP and SBS modified bitumen membranes with over 135 plants sold all over the world.